The Louisville Regional Baptist Association is a network of Baptist churches working together. The churches of LRBA are located in Metro Louisville, KY (which includes Bullitt, Jefferson, Oldham, and Spencer Counties).

Special Events & Emphases

12  Student Evangelism Day (SBC)
27   LRBA Executive Board
        Long Run Baptist Church
        11:30 am - Lunch
      (Sponsored by Sunrise Children's Services)

        12 Noon - Business Session 


12 Student Evangelism Day (SBC)
13 Evangelism Team 12 Noon
15 Credentials Committee 12 Noon
16 Finance Committee 12 Noon
17 Administrative Committee 12 Noon
21 Baptist Fellowship Center Board (BFC) 10 am
23 Missions & Ministry 10 am
27 LRBA EXECUTIVE BOARD  (Long Run) 11:30 am







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