Items Available / Needed

AVAILABLE:  Little Flock Baptist Church has a ’98 van that they would like to donate to a church.  The van runs well, but needs some body work.  Interested parties may contact Ron Moore at (502) 955-8760 Ext. 3308 or


AVAILABLE:  Little Flock Baptist Church’s school has 29 stackable chairs that they no longer need. They are still in pretty good shape and could be used by a congregation that may need a few more chairs. These are available to any church that wants them – FREE. If interested, contact Ron Moore at (502) 955-8760 Ext. 3308 or


NEEDED: Prospect FBC is looking for 50 Baptist Hymnals (2008 edition). If there is a LRBA church that has extra ones they would be willing to donate to FBC Prospect or sell at a discount, please contact Pastor Jon Cyrus at